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Downloadable Products Settings


“Downloadable products settings” is an extension that changes values you don’t need, to make product insertion faster for you. Downloadable products, usually, don’t need stock information, quantity and shipping.

1. New product insertion:
– Sets Quantity to 999999999
– Sets Subtract Stock option to “No”
– Sets Requires Shipping to “No”

2. New product’s option insertion:
– Set Quantity to 999999999
– Set Substract Stock option to “No”

3. Hides availability information from product page


  • Go to Extensions–>Installer and browse the zip file
  • Go to Extensions–>Modifications and click on Refresh


Original extension

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FileDescriptionFile sizeDownloads
downloadable_products_settings_2302.ocmod For Opencart
936 B35
downloadable_products_settings_30xx.ocmod For Opencart,,
793 B34

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