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Frequently Asked Questions

This module provides you with a set of “Frequently Asked Questions” pages. The page lists the answers as links, with each link leading to the relevant answer page.

Allows you to have “topics” and “sub-topics” for each question.

Simple plug and play installation, with nothing overwritten.


  • Download Fix OC 3.x Extension Installer and install from Extensions–>Installer then refresh OCMod Modifications.
  • Go to Extensions–>Installer and browse the zip file
  • Go to System–>Users–>Users Group and click on select all for access/modifiy permisions then save.
  • Go to Extensions–>Extensions–>Modules and install and configure Frequently Asked Questions
  • Go to Design–>Layouts, edit a Layout and add saved Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Uninstall Fix OC 3.x Extension Installer


Converted from module made by Fido-X.

If you appreciate my work, you can donate me for a beer.


File Description File size Downloads
faq_30xx.ocmod Compatible with –
24 KB 106

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